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    Rocket Studio was founded in 2006 as a small advertising Agency and eventually transformed into a full-fledged advertising Studio that meets all international quality standards.

    The main focus of our Studio is the integrated promotion of residential and commercial real estate development from concept and naming, website creation and visualization, to conduct full-scale campaigns across all advertising segments, and as a consequence, to attract the target customers.

    Every customer referred to our Studio, get a guaranteed result is qualitatively realized project or successfully conducted advertising campaign.

    Over 5 years of experience in the real estate segment, we launched about 20 successful projects in the field of residential real estate and has conducted more than 40 successful advertising campaigns. Working with clients, we have accumulated a huge practical base, our employees became professionals in their field, who love their work and rightly proud of it.


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    Today, our Studio is represented at the largest Russian and Western platforms of professionals in the field of digital and web development, such as CSSDA, AWWWARDS, REPA etc. We are the member of Fund of Assistance to Development of Business and Industry.

    The Studio staff are certified specialists from the leading advertising systems such as Yandex Direct, Google Adwords, Begun. Our Studio is a certified partner service CoMagic – one of the market leaders in systems for call tracking

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    сертифицированный партнер Comagic

    In 2015 OOO “Infosistema” as a legal entity Rocket Studio, was declared the Best taxpayer of the Year. In the same year the site was nominated for the Runet prize in the category “Technology and Innovation”


    The need to create effective tools for advertising and Analytics has made us the Developer of the latest marketing tools and Analytics for their own needs. Currently the Studio has three tools that facilitate conversion of target applications and allows to simplify and improve analytical processes:

    Rockt Аналитика

    Analytical system, allowing to track the effectiveness of all advertising sources and fully control the flow of funds within the framework of the advertising campaign in real time. An indispensable tool for both beginners and experienced marketers, and executives or business owners.

    Rocket Атмос

    Widget increase the conversion of calls to the site. Works on the basic services CoMagic and CallTouch, fully replaces the regular form of lead generation, similar to callbackhunter, but does not require payment. There is a night and day modes, mobile and desktop version, sending reports by email. Gives an increase conversions on average by 25%.

    мобильное приложение Comagic Viewer

    The first and only mobile application that is integrated with an Analytics service calls CoMagic, allowing you to view the statistics and listen to calls on your phone for a selected period supports corporate accounts. Works on the iPhone, is absolutely free.

    мобильное приложение CallEnd для колл трекинга

    In the near future we plan to release a fourth tool – a mobile application for viewing and studying statistics is not only of service CoMagic, but services Calltouch and Calltracking.


    At the moment the Studio has contacts with leading Russian advertising companies, Digital agencies and studios, freelance staff of Russia, Europe and Asia, which significantly expands our capabilities and allows to provide quickly a full range of services, using international quality standards.

    The clients are both large and small companies in the field of construction of residential and commercial properties, as well as various real estate agencies. To each client we have individual approach ranging from the study of its current needs and objectives, and ending with the personalized pricing system.

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    If You need a successful launch and brand promotion, an efficient sales and guaranteed results – order these services in our Studio!

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