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    May 2014

    Assigned task:

    Create a 3D visualization of the complex

    Work on creating visualizations of the Legend lasted for two months. In this project it was necessary to create a 3D visualization of the first and second stage. As it often happens in large-scale projects, not all project documentation is approved, many documents are not prepared and have to improvise, come up with interesting architectural solutions and to be a little architect. Knowing all this, we are pleased to have worked on one of the most interesting projects in the history of the Studio.

    Execution time:

    42 working days

    Development of the site

    July 2015


    Develop a modern residential complex

    Website Legend we have created the impending large-scale advertising campaign, the time to create the site was very small and we had to immediately "shoot" - time for revision was not. Having studied the question of residential real estate New Moscow district, we have created a small dictionary of definitions and marketing terms, and on its basis began to create the website. Way to "go reverse", to use the basis of marketing, thinking like a marketolog, has helped us to make the site in time and go to advertising and sales.


    14 working days

    Go to website


    July 2015


    To create a mobile version of the site

    Create mobile version is easier than the full website. Perhaps because the main version already, and you just need to make a cover-version- color and fonts is defined, the content is ready. The case with the mobile version of the residential complex Legend is no exception to the rule – the quick menu, basic information, shortcut button "call to now". A classic, but it works and sells.


    4 working days

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